Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quiet. Calm.


Of course, more appropriately, I'd write
with the satisfaction of the fricative F
and the bite-and-spit of the CK.
But let's get back to:

Quiet. Calm.

Much better.


  1. On a positive note, I heard Reilly got the job!

  2. I was wondering how you all were doing today.

    Now we know. Anger right now is positive.

    Love, C.

  3. Robin, R. has a "working interview" at the Athenian today...not quite hired yet.

    C. -- we're okay. Thanks for your concern! I love my blog community.

  4. Hey, T.

    I think both responses are very appropriate.

    It's just that the "quiet, calm" one would be better for you, and the boys/men, in the long run, so worth striving towards.

    But, in my experience, it might be easier to get to the calm response after fully venting the angry response. Maybe to the distant hills....

  5. My gosh, I've just read your post below! I couldn't get in here last night. Thank God you're OK and I understand your reaction, I hope they get the sods that did it.

    Lots of hugs to get you through.. LBx

  6. T-I can only imagine how angry you are! How dare those thugs lay a hand on R much less all your stuff. I know your boys are men now but they are still your cubs and those bad guys better watch out for Mama bear.
    David and I are thinking of you and hoping that the waves of anger abate and the moments of calm lengthen.
    sending love,

  7. Linda, yes. Anger, and then peace.

    Ladybug: thank you so much!

    MK: darn right. My fangs are bared.

  8. one does not quickly recover from a shock such as that.

  9. Okay, alrighty then, I think you are feeling better.......