Friday, May 1, 2009

Ug. Just finished cleaning the fridge.
I don't know why I was saving all those science projects.
The kids aren't in grade five anymore. I tossed
some dessicated ginger that was most testicular.
Does saurkraut last indefinitely? I tossed that too.
Some cheeses decided to have a mold-fest, or they
were conducting penicillin research. Au revoir, mes amis.
Bacon fat? Saved. (Even just a teaspoon can add
a blossom of flavor to a dish with minimal coronary
lipid expansion.) Guinness? Is there a question?
Catnip? Saved. (I store this in the fridge or the cats
will open cupboards and drawers when they feel
like getting stoned.) Prosecco? Again, is there a question?
(Everyone should keep a bottle of bubbly in their fridge.
You just never know when you'll need it.) Some
mushrooms greatly resembling the ginger: ta-ta.

And I've just discovered that I can compost/recycle
all my food waste here in lovely Redmond. I reduced
the garbage can size to 20 gallons. Going green!


  1. Have you heard my story about assembling a colorful "mold garden" out of leftovers from my mom's fridge? (circa 1971)

  2. Blogalot -- is it still alive?!