Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun with H1N1

What do you call a vegetarian influenza virus?
The to-flu.

What do you call a vegetarian influenza virus
that affects only the feet?
The toe-flu.

(I've made a decision to torture not only my co-workers
and family members with my pun-jokes, but my
blog readers as well. And no apologies!)


  1. Q: What do you call a virus that affects only oenologists?

    A: Wine flu

    Q: What do you call the chimney in a pigsty?

    A: Swine flue

  2. These days I feel like I have whine flu.

  3. Paul and Joannie: LOLOL!

    Patrice: sorry, no groaning allowed. ;)

  4. What do you call a flu in the martial arts community?

    The kung-flu

  5. Good one Tofu!!!

    What do you call a quartet of pigs playing wind instruments?

    --Swine Flutes

    (That came from Reilly.)

    Yikes. I fear this thing is getting viral....

  6. What is the diagnosis for the distressed parakeet owner who has lost his pet?

    The bird flew

    (Ugh. That might have been pushing it too far.)

  7. Tofu: brilliant! (There is no "pushing it too far", as far as I am concerned. Bring 'em on.)