Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Caution, Perhaps)

A while back at work, intending to write the word "fishbowl" on a post-it note ("fishbowl" is a name for one of the shapes of glass we use), I, without hesitation or intention, wrote the word "fuck" instead.

Ah. So fitting a comment for every day of the last three months.
Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.
Holy Mother of Fuck.
Feckin' fucking fucker.

And below it: OMG.



With every step I look down into air, off the side of the cliff, the ground no longer present.

I would love it if someone -- anyone -- would FedEx me a patch of earth on which to plant my feet so that there is time to take a breath.

Living The Full Catastrophe, day in, day out.


  1. And here we all are, waiting to hear some better news from you.

    So very sorry; but good times are surely ahead!

  2. Wishing only good things for you. It will happen.

  3. Keep on keeping on.
    We are all praying hard for you.

  4. Well, you have to go through this so might as well make it the best it can's all good, T., even the bad stuff! Sometimes jumping off a cliff is a good thing (I did it when I moved back to NM and it's been wonderful since then!!!).
    WE'RE WITH YOU ON THIS.........don't forget! You have many friends and a good are lucky!

  5. Cro, Dolores, Jacqueline, Ima -- you guys are the best, hands down.

    I'm okay, really.

  6. Hang on for dear life. We are here with you, hanging out in the air with you, and dammit we will all learn to fly.


  7. Here's my statement, "Fuck the Fucking Fuckers."

    You describe that bottomless feeling so well...yes, a patch of earth is what you need. Head out into the yard, my dear. Plant your butt on the ground, put your hands against this spinning orb and feel your place here.

    Here's to better times.

  8. O, honey. It's more than awful when the national and global death spiral so affects our personal financial life. I have no advice about that. All we can do, and I do mean me, is hang on for dear life. At least life remains dear to us, with all that is dear in it.

    Love, C.

  9. The Full Catastophe -- I take it you know the book and about mindfulness meditation.


    It's all absurd.

    This too will pass.

    All is vanity.

    Your head is connected to your neck, so it won't fly off.

    Sending love and strength to you.