Thursday, July 14, 2011


Are there words -- "new words" -- that you use repeatedly over the course of a week or two, then move onto new "new words"?

My current "new words" are disabuse, taciturn and recalcitrant. Tonight at dinner, in attempting to explain to my dinner companion just what it was that I was talking about, I used all three in a sentence:

"I really should try to be less recalcitrant and disabuse myself of the notion of using all three words in a single sentence, thereby rendering myself more taciturn."

At least I think that's what I said.

It might have been something else altogether.

(Previous words include ephemeral, detritus and insiduous.)


  1. I like both detritus and insidious. Amongst the newly invented words around, I rather like 'guesstimate'.

  2. I've been partial of late to equanimity.

  3. at least your words are literate....I cringe when I hear myself saying, "Like, I was all, you know, like...."

  4. There is a 'street' trend in the UK to say "I went" instead of "I said". Where do they get it from! YUK!!

  5. I tend to pick up on words that are in the brains of people around me. One time "quid pro quo" popped into my head, and I am absolutely sure that I have never said or written that myself. Next day, a person talking to me said that something was quid pro quo, and somehow I wasn't surprised to hear it. Just wanted to disabuse you of this. sp

  6. I like the words imbibe and complicit this week.........

  7. Recalcitrant and I have always had a good relationship. You might even say that recalcitrant is my middle name. :) I particularly enjoy the condition of recalcitrance while in the state of being supine, another one with which I enjoy a fine relationship.

    Love, C.

  8. I've been thinking about hubris lately, haven't used it yet, still thinking about it.

  9. Guesstimate, equanimity (like, you know, I went), quid pro quo, imbibe, complicit, supine -- every one a fine word. But I have to admit that "hubris" has also been simmering on my back burner for the past few weeks....

    Even the notion of "over-weening pride" makes me want to giggle. What hubris indeed!