Friday, July 29, 2011

Home, finally, after a 15-hour day at the Bellevue Arts Fair. Lots of shoppers, not enough people spending $$$. Better tomorrow? I hope so.

I do so love being in the company of so many artists, and people who love art.

Too much talk, though; too much "on" time.

Time for quiet now.

But first, my favorite sighting of the day:

a tall white-haired man wearing very large, thick-lensed, circular black-rimmed glasses; seersucker sportcoat, dress-shirt and bow-tie, linen shorts, bright red loafers (no socks). Kind of an overgrown school-boy look, and the shoes could be spotted from far off. My son Nelson wore a similar outfit on his first birthday. Jayzus I LOVE people-watching!


  1. There is a particular joy that comes from seeing people in what we assume is their true plumage, no concessions made for age or era. Here's to big sales and mellow moments. xo

  2. Marilynn, plumage indeed! The feathers were in full display today, all around!