Saturday, July 2, 2011


My postage-stamp-sized front lawn is sprouting long strands of dandelion and crabgrass because I've cancelled my mowing service. All rather feral. I like it. Going jungle here on B-Street.

Tomorrow: Tree of Life, by Terrence Malick.

Monday: apple pie.

All windows flung wide open, in high summer.


  1. Have you encountered Phoenix Jones yet? Seattle's very own superhero could surely fix your weeds!

  2. I love getting up in the morning and opening both doors before even making coffee. To me, that's summer!

  3. Cro, I have not yet encountered Phoenix Jones, but I bet he wields a wicked weed whacker.

  4. And Melinda, some mornings someone opens both your doors before you've even woken up ;)

  5. I loved Tree of Life -- it's slooooooow but incredibly beautiful, a lyrical visual poem -

  6. Ha! Yep, I'd have to say many, many mornings it's like that, T. Maybe less frequently in the summer. We'll see!

  7. Mowing the lawn is probably the only job I ever do int he garden. My wife takes care of the rest. Which is why we actually have a "wild garden". :-) Never mind, the other day, I razed it to the ground without noticing. So carried away I get by the power of my lawnmower.

    Oh, summer, summer! I wish I loved you more but with autumn and spring as my favourite seasons - especially in GB - what hope is there for you and winter? :-(

    Still, enjoy yours.

    Greetings from London.