Friday, July 15, 2011

dit dot dash....

Do other people have favorite punctuation, or am I an anomaly?

My favorite punctuation is the semi-colon; it's unassuming, slightly hesitant, never shouting. Next is the em dash — clean, level & to the point.

(I could be a punctuation snob and say I most admire the çedille, but that might be pushing it....) (And O! Ellipses!) (Settle down now T.)

What about you? Or am I the only one a little bit punctuation-crazy?!


  1. How did you do the em dash? I have always tried to do that, especially when I post Emily Dickinson, but I don't know how.

    And I, too, love a semi-colon.

  2. Elizabeth, I don't know the HTML shortcut code to do it quickly on blogger, so I open a word document and copy-and-paste it onto blogger in "compose" mode. Clunky, but it works!


    Oh, and umlauts are cool too.

  4. sEAN, the "swung dash" is pretty groovy also.

  5. I too like the semi-colon, and I also use a few accents; mostly acute (as in café).

    I really do need to learn how to use certain others; thanks, you've prompted me into finding out!

  6. Elipses. In my posts and emails, probably hopelessly overworked and misused at that. I have no plan to change. xo