Sunday, July 31, 2011

Get Up!

What Lucy-the-Kitten brought me while I was lying in bed this morning, online with my laptop:

1. a Q-Tip
2. a drawstring cord from my sweatshirt
3. a piece of thread
4. the twisty thing from a frozen juice can
5. a roll of toilet paper

Someone wants breakfast.


  1. Now, that is cute. And the bonus is, none of them were dead rodents! Would be a great little photo essay too.

  2. Sweet for her breakfast.

  3. I so agree with Sean. Cats are great company as well. I know I chat to our two all the time, especially now that my other half is in the Resthome giving me respite

  4. clever little thing...makes you fall in love with her, blog about her, AND gets her breakfast. That's multitasking.

  5. Just be grateful it wasn't half dead mice. Our little tinker went through a period of bringing several each night!!!