Friday, February 10, 2012

[Delmar, New York: who are you?]

(And to the rest of you, in case anyone is wondering: no, I have not lost my mind.)


  1. Okay, busted: tis I, friend of several followers and a long time (though, till now, taciturn) admirer of your pluck, endurance, and good humor in the face of your misfortune. Allow me to say, now that I've stepped forward, you are remarkable.

    Warm greetings.

  2. Timothy Cahill -- delighted to make your acquaintance! (And I must admit that your face is not unknown to me, as we seem to travel in similar blog universes.)

    And now to quote you, if I may:

    "Where does happiness come from, then? In a word, connection: the manifestation of our innate impulse toward understanding, sympathy, fellowship. This quality, and all that flows from it—curiosity, kindness, gratitude, attention—determine our individual happiness and our happiness as a society."

    This new connection has made my day. Gracious thanks! --T.