Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still, Winter

Stepped outside this morning in my bathrobe to fill the birdfeeder and lingered among snowdrops and crocuses --

--as well as the one odd brick.

Lucky no neighbors were out.

And this seed pod, from a plant I purchased about 15 years ago, and from whom a seed unexpectedly germinated last spring, long dormant, as I haven't seen it for as many years. Plant names seem to be escaping me at the moment.[Cynthia? Any help?]

Here it is from last summer in full flower....

Listening obsessively to this --

...recalling an Irish afternoon driving around Connemara, listening to every version of Shenandoah on the iPod -- I think there were 13 variations. A day with the light blown in from the Atlantic, every color magnified, every blue more intense than I'd ever known, or known since.


  1. T, a curious definition of "winter" you have in the NW, where flowers bloom in the garden. Here in the barren NE, despite an almost snowless season, there's nothing flowering (except the maples, which are beginning to sprout buckets and tubing for sugaring). Your photographs are truly exquisite, the snowdrop in particular. It has the look of those antique color photographs called autochromes, which were painterly and mysterious. Sublime.

  2. We have daffs about to flower... but it'll be a few days yet. Spring is definitely in the air.

  3. What a joy to look at. Very lovely photos.

  4. Love your new header photo!

    And your other photos are lovely. We have daffodils coming up big time here. But it's it's kind of strange. Beautiful, but strange.