Thursday, February 23, 2012


Music again, with my friends T. and J. on guitar, and myself trailing behind on the melodica. Even as incompetent as I am, it's an amazing feeling being in the middle of that sound, and I felt a moment (several, actually), of complete and utter gratitude. And wondered, why haven't I been doing this my whole life?

My answer: because now is the right time.

Dare I say that the gift of this time, making music with friends, is a result of the uncoupling I slogged through these past eleven months? And now that this particular joy is becoming familiar, the suggestion that I might not have known it, ever, chills me. How close I came to enduring the rest of my years in an entirely other life --


The assignment for the three of us, who have been lazy and have not brought new songs to the group -- is to learn this perfect jewel of a tune, by Tom Waits:

I think we can manage it, with practice, in the here and now.

[Coda: I must add that my friend T. did play for us one of his own new songs -- J. and I are in awe of his talents.]


  1. it is a unique and grand experience, isn't it? bravo, T., play on.

  2. Laziness is def. not a quality I would attribute to you, T. It sounds to me as though you're having fun with this music-making, which is (as Taradharma says) grand enough?

    Tom Waits' song is indeed a gem. Thanks for posting it here.

    L, C xo

  3. I hope we get to hear your combo some time!

  4. Music and dance are healers for body and soul, as well as fun!

    Love, c.

  5. Do you think Tom's waited long enough?

  6. Cro, we have to learn a song first ;)

  7. Oh, the melodica--a great instrument--& that's a great Waits song. So happy for you that you're making music with friends--wonderful!