Friday, February 17, 2012

My Austin, Texas friend Nita Lou Bryant has a marvelous piece up at the online 'zine Drash Pit. Check it out here.

Go Nita!


  1. It's a great story -- good for her! I did this a couple of years ago, took a voice class at the local junior college. I'd always had what people described as a "good voice" and it was great fun to get in the groove again.

    WV: men envard (I think....)

  2. Thank you for the link. It is a heartening story and I've never believed that a 'lovely' voice was a prerequisite for a singer. Authentic, unique count for much more with me. Nita Lou Bryant is my new poster girl for following our bliss. xo

  3. Oh, I am woe, woe, woefully behind in my blog reading and am just now (on March 22, seated in the lobby of a hotel in Ventura, CA) seeing this post. Thank you, T., and thank you Taradharma and Marylinn. Thank you most sincerely.

    Nita Lou