Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunny and 62 in Seattle today -- and home from NYC, this "small town" seems so tame, so quiet, so roomy, so accessible! There's nothing like travel to expand one's perspective.

It's one of those clear, clean days with a brisk breeze where every visual detail of everything seems magnified. The Cascade Mountains, in the sunset, glow pink and lavender. I like to look at the mountains with my binoculars -- a bit surreal, those snow-cragged peaks which seem so close from my urban treetop perch.

A quick survey of the garden this morning showed violas in tentative bloom, buds on the clematis and a few early leaves on the honeysuckle. This is the annual tease -- winter is not finished with us quite yet, I fear. Nonetheless, a day like today is enough to make me forget the persistent grey of a Seattle winter. (And a reminder to myself that the color grey has an infinite number of shades!)

The Gift Show was a success, and well worth the time and effort. We picked up 30+ new accounts and enough orders to most likely guarantee a fruitful 2012.



  1. You have to be pleased to back in your own home again, and cooking things the way they should be cooked!

    Welcome back, so to speak, to there, from here! :)

    Love, C.

  2. Congratulations on your new accounts! I so want to visit Seattle; I've never been and long to explore it!

  3. Elizabeth, when you do get to Seattle, I'd be delighted to be your guide!

  4. Firstly well done to you all for your sales. Travelling is great, but it's oh so nice to be home.

  5. oh, I can well picture those Cascade Mountains, glowing at sunset.

    Good job on the show in NYC -- lots and lots of work, I am sure. Congrats on the new accounts!