Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is the time of year in Seattle when we seem perpetually stuck in grey, so I'm offering up to the gods of light and color these few objets, in the hopes that contrast and a polychromatic perspective to the day returns soon:

red vintage dress --

brown muscled horse --

pink salmon in shadow:

three small teacups --

an impossibly tiny feather (with cork for perspective) --

an equally-impossibly-tiny compass, with lichen --


  1. Love it! Just imagine wearing that gorgeous dress during a spring day in Seattle.

    We just got rain (finally) and are most grateful for it. Unusual sun and mild days for a long time. Ski resorts are suckin' big time.

    Do you know what bird that tiny feather came from? It's a beauty.

  2. Tara, ah yes, I wore that dress in a prior incarnation of middle-age+ body. Ha.

    The feather is from a baby parrot. Isn't it amazing?