Friday, March 21, 2008

Chocolate Jesus

Happy Good Friday.


  1. Ack!

    Talk about Holy Molé.

  2. I would eat his head first, then his arms and save the rest for later.

  3. Peter -- you are funny! Hole Mole indeed!

    R -- ditto!

  4. Is that chocolate Jesus anatomically correct? Would I dare to eat it all?

    I bet Radish King goes straight for the chocolate bunny ears first. I don't want to think about the carnage her poor kids woke up to on Easter Morning.

  5. K: Well, think of it this way: in the Catholic church, we "eat his body"
    every time we go to communion. (I supposed I shouldn't use the word "we" since neither you nor I practice that ghastly ritual anymore.) But wouldn't you rather it be chocolate?
    A very dark chocolate? Much better for you than a flat, stale, bland wafer. And as for all the assorted body parts, I say bring 'em on....