Saturday, March 29, 2008

Private Pleasures

I've been shopping a lot these days at Whole Floods
(which P. calls it because the original Austin location
was beside a river which flooded often) which only carries
the twig/boulder/bark/scree variety of cold cereal. Fine
for a short time, but, damn, this body just craves
some refined/marshmallowed/red-dye-#40'd/alphabeted/waffled-
style good ol' American breakfast food. So I cruised
the cold cereal aisle at Safeway yesterday, and
believe-me-you, it was all I could do not to pick up
a box of Lucky Charms or Golden Grahams. This is some
powerful addiction. I lingered, I gazed, I salivated.
Those magically delicious marshmallow bits were calling my name!
But I was strong. I settled for Grape Nuts Flakes
and Multi-Grain Cheerios. No artificial colors!
Vitamin fortified! Whole grain! (Well, sorta.)
And the really pathetic part is that I couldn't wait
to get up this morning so I could have some.
(Saturday is decidedly NOT a steel-cut oat morning.
Puh-leez. All that's missing is cartoons.)


  1. So that's why you were in such a hurry to remove yourself from the marital bed this morning!

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  3. i too call it whole paycheck. and--confess my cereal sins--i just had my second little bowl of froot loops today. at midnight as if it were popcorn before i settle in with a movie. i find f-loops right purty to look at, and they inspire me to do creative things with koolaid every once in a while. soemtimes even drink it! i'm ok with that, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are below normal in that healthy way without stickin' with a saner food group.
    be free...go lucky charms.