Monday, March 17, 2008

I bought myself a new digital camera yesterday
and when I look at the instruction manual
I feel incredibly stupid. What is this language?
P. told me just to point and shoot. Huh.

Cooking the traditional American St. Pat's Day
dinner tonight -- corned beef and cabbage, etc.,
which I've never seen on an Irish menu, or in
an Irish grocery store. (Try Bacon and Cabbage.)
But I am making a traditional Irish brown bread...
what we like to refer to as soda bread, except
once again, I've never seen our American version
of soda bread anywhere in Ireland. This loaf will be
part whole-wheat/part white flour, some wheat germ,
oats, maybe some finely chopped walnuts. Buttermilk.
We'll finish up the meal with a purely American concoction:
Irish "Coffee" Cake -- a nice single layer butter cake,
macerated with a strong coffee/whisky sugar syrup,
crowned with whisky-infused whipped cream.
(C. is bringing -- are you ready for this -- a GREEN salad.
Imagine that. On St. Pat's day. Clever clever.)
I also picked up some Kerry Ivernia Kerrygold:
a hard cow's milk cheese. Gotta do a Guinness run....

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