Saturday, March 1, 2008

I should remember not to go to the Pike Place Market
on the weekend: the touristing throngs make it
nearly impenetrable. I have a difficult time
with it's status as a tourist mecca. (Here I go:) back
in the old days I used to go there to shop.
When I lived in Wallingford it was easy to hop
on '99 and zip down for produce, fresh bread,
some meats from the German deli, olive oil
from Delaurenti's. Saturdays were great
for Swedish pancakes at a hole-in-the-wall place
whose name escapes me and is long-gone.
Yet in spite of the crowds I am eternally grateful
for the visionaries in the 1960's who won the battle
to preserve this bit of Seattle history.

Today the line for fresh-fried mini-doughnuts
was at least 20 minutes long. Alas. I passed.

Now on to Jamon Iberico : we splurged
on a 4 ounce package from The Spanish Table
and it is indeed meat butter. At the dinner table
I fluffed our 2 oz. portions into lush little piles,
and served fresh papperdelle with truffle oil and
sauteed mushrooms on the side. Ahhh....


  1. Yeah! So glad your trip to the Market was worth it AND the iberico was sinfully good as described. I love how you served with it as well. Pure poetry...

  2. I've been really surprised by the Market crowds, and it isn't even summer.

    (No worries on the tag.)