Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last night: Bruce Springsteen at Key Arena.
I'll leave the review to Citizen K.
(If it's not up yet it will be soon.)
Great show, although it felt a little bit
like I was at a club meeting for Members Only
as I didn't know any of the lyrics
or when to wave my fist in the air, etc.
P. brought up the notion that I've probably
gone to more concerts since I've known him
(3 1/2 years) than I've been to in my entire life.
Yes, well. This is true. I spent most of my teen years
and early twenties listening to and playing (piano)
Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Schumann. Throw in some
Beatles, Carole King, Stevie Wonder, CSN&Y, James Taylor,
Chicago. A little jazz. Lots of radio. Very little
$$ for vinyl. Apparently not the typical 1970's teenager
but oh well. But getting back to last night:
we had seats behind the stage. This may sound odd,
but I rather loved it, because I could see a lot of the
behind-the-scenes stuff, could watch the keyboard players
(I counted eight keyboards, including organ and baby grand),
and I could watch the young women down in front of the stage
grabbing for Bruce's feet, legs, crotch every time he
ventured close to them. What a hoot! I'll opt for this
seating section any time!


  1. Hey T--I KNOW in my bones every word, every fist pump (Gene Stout could you find another set of adjectives--eww) and I've been dancing to Rosalita for 30 years--puh-leez Paul take ME next time!!!

  2. How about both of you? ;)

    T., if you hadn't wasted your time in college listening to Schumann and writing poetry when you should have been sitting around your apartment listening to the Boss and smoking pot, maybe you'd be a member of that club. Have you ever though of that? Well, have you?

  3. Hey, don't aim your finger at me like that, young lady!

  4. R., glad to know you're doing your required reading! (As in My Blog.)
    And...I challenge you to a
    Kinderszenen play-off! Paul, that includes you!)

  5. Well, whoop-ti-do. You know what Kindersneezing is and I don't. And BTW, if you had really cared, you would have found the $$ to hear the sounds of your generation. I took my paper route money to garage sales. Oh, wait: You probably didn't have any of those in a tony place like Renton.

  6. k: Admit it. All my problems would be solved if I could just go back in time and grow up in Kingsville.

  7. Hey, it's where the legend began!