Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have a manila envelope full of correspondence to
Mrs. Elmer Miller --


  1. I have Millers in my ancestral line. I'll have to check to see if there's an Elmer in Portland!

  2. can't paste anything in here, but go check out "downtown by mrs. miller" at, you never know... maybe just another kind of spam...?
    have fun! + don't stop tape before she starts to whistle...
    thank god mel's doing so fine in the east & her/your work is so greatly appreciated! gosh, how we were worried just a few days ago.
    did you introduce her to tuna tartar & mussels?!? is that the big secret behind her melting?
    cheers, eva

  3. Eva -- how lovely of you to stop by my blog! Yep, it's great that everything is going so well for M. I am so relieved! You are going to ask her yourself what her "melting" secret is!

  4. my pleasure -- got going after reading the soup-story (and laughing my head off). did you ever text him again about the cookies?!?
    well, i asked her, but she hasn't responded yet -- too busy, i guess... i'm certainly very curious.
    best, eva