Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nine to Five

Details from some new work Melinda (my employer)
has been working on:

It's gorgeous stuff -- brooding and emotive -- fog-shrouded
crow's nests and late-season dahlias with their last
remnants of color. Makes me swoon!

Melinda leaves next week to show at The Buyer's Market
of American Craft in Philadelphia and The American
Craft Council in Baltimore: two wholesale shows
and a retail show. We're keeping our fingers crossed
that all goes well; if it does, I'm guaranteed a job
until the end of the year, and Melinda can continue
to make her living as an artist.

Wish us well.


  1. She is oviously a seriously talented lady, very nice. Best of luck and I hope your work continues T.

  2. Good luck! Those are seriously beautiful images.

  3. wow, thanks T.! I've been working so hard I have barely taken the chance to really look at them. Your photos make me wonder if I really made them!
    Let's hope the buyers are wowed too!

  4. Haunting. Inspirational. Mystical. Wow.

  5. Contained detail of light and color.

    Worlds within worlds of their own.

    Love, C.