Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meanwhile, on another part of the planet
where Mother Nature is not smiling so kindly,
the artist Melinda has finally touched down
in Philadelphia after a 30+ hour arduous journey
which took her first to a night in an airport hotel
in Charlotte, North Carolina -- not exactly on the
itinerary! -- where she can began to set up for
the Buyers Market of American Crafts. The month
of January our mantra was no snow no snow no snow.
Hrrrmmmph. The gods/godesses apparently had their
ears tightly clamped shut, as our supplications seem
to have called forth the blizzards of the century
on the eastern seaboard of North America. Now
my fervent hope is that the prospective buyers have
been as intent as she in battling the elements.
My question is, why schedule this preeminent
event during the time of year when the odds are
that ice and/or snow can greatly impact ones ability
to arrive there?

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