Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have a friend named Chris, and some years ago, she called and left a message for my (late) husband M., and when I wrote the message on the notepad, I accidentally wrote "Christ" instead of "Chris". And didn't notice it until M. pointed it out. Naturally, we didn't let this one go. And fortunately, Chris, er, "Christ", has a fantastic sense of humor, and went along gleefully with all the subsequent ribbing. ("Christ! It's you again!")

So, one Easter morning, M. got out of bed early -- not quite 7am -- and went directly to the phone and began to dial. I though, what the hell? It's WAY too early to be calling anyone, and it's Easter, for god's sake. (Well, I suppose it was Easter for god's sake.)

Then I heard him say,
"Christ? Is that you? Just wondered if you'd risen yet!"

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