Friday, April 16, 2010

In case you're interested....

Some of today's on-the-job discussion topics:
1. rats in the kitchen
2. dead rats in the ceiling
3. rats caught in traps, refusing to succumb
4. surprise spiders
5. The Odd Case of the Disappearing Potatoes (see item #1)
6. fetid odors (see item #2)
7. "So I got my BB gun...." (see item #3)


  1. The kitchen ceiling of our first house, here in France, was made of soft-board. We would often hear creatures running about, so one day I took my BB gun (as in item 7) and shot through where I'd heard some noise.

    Some weeks later we removed the soft-board ceiling (to expose the old beams) and found that I'd been successful with my shot! We also found several WHOLE EGGS. How these got there we're not sure, but someone did say that they work in pairs. One holds the egg whilst another pulls him along. The trouble was that we didn't find any egg-sized holes where they could have got through!

  2. Cro! Ha! Maybe they were rat-hen hybrids and layed the eggs themselves... But you know, those rats are crafty critters. I'm guessing they had a contractor in to build a secret egg-door.

  3. It all sounds like a series of metaphors for husbands.

  4. K: Hmmm. The other subject was serial murderers. Just sayin'.

  5. just love the husbands comment!! what a hilarious association, sure made my day!
    but by the way, T. -- what was it that you guys were working on that particular day?!?!
    and: why did you leave the basements out?