Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, This Happened.

About ten years ago I'd lost an earring that my boys had given me for Mother's Day. They were my fav's -- a blue stone called "Montana" in a sterling setting. After it had been gone for about a month, I came home from work one evening just at dusk, and as I got out of my car in the driveway, saw a white rabbit on the grassy parking strip. White rabbit! I squatted down in a lapine fashion, so as to be closer to this seeming apparition. It performed the customary nose twitches, and I attempted conversation. In the process, something glimmered in a last sunray between the stones in the aggregate driveway -- aha! A piece of earring, tarnished, stoneless, but otherwise intact, which was amazing considering that I had driven over it many times in the previous thirty days. And when I turned my head just a fraction, I saw the blue stone, also safely nestled between stones. Joy! I brought it inside, polished up the silver, tweaked the setting with my pliers, and glued the Montana gem back into place. AND NEVER SAW THE RABBIT AGAIN.

So. Recently P. and I were downtown Seattle for a Patty Griffin show, and after eating dinner at The Virginia Inn, had some time to kill before the doors opened, so we high-tailed it a few blocks down to the Borders store on 4th. While perusing books, I reached up to my ear and realized I'd once again lost an earring, a lovely golden dangler I bought from an artist at the Redmond Farmer's Market. Sadness! And we'd covered a lot of pavement that evening since I'd put them on...

As we headed back over to the concert venue, while bemoaning the loss of yet another favorite earring, I began to tell P. the tale of the white rabbit and the blue gem. I can get dramatic with the body language in the midst of story-telling, and said, as I gestured passionately down to the sidewalk -- and I looked down at the driveway and THERE IT WAS --

Well, indeed. In fact, it was there, the golden earring, exactly where I was pointing. And how many people had walked past it while we moseyed through the bookstore? Walked by and missed its glint, its glimmer? Or saw it and left it in hopes of retrieval by its owner?

Luck? Coincidence? Magic? (ie, white rabbit.)
All of the above?


  1. You need to head on over to Synchronicity.

    They're writing a book and love hearing tales like this. As do I.

  2. Luck or magic, it makes a great tale (or should that be tail as in rabbit?)

  3. Oh, definitely all of the above. I love these kinds of happenings.

  4. So. I'm beginning to think what this is supposed to tell you -- and me, too. Interesting; and very fascinating. I'm also beginning to hope again with re. to my lost earrings, and other preciosa. But then again, I'm not you, and also I never ever saw a white rabbit... I'll keep my eyes open though.
    More good luck, Eva

  5. Great story. I'm still looking for my large gold sleeper but it's cool these days to wear something different on the other ear!

  6. Was the second earring out of the same ear as the first? That would be even more curious.

    This is like finding a contact lens on a shag carpet. Quite miraculous....and it happened twice. ooooo.....

    btw...I love Patty's new hit song - just heard it on the radio today.

  7. gotta be that white rabbit....... :-D

  8. The capacity to attract the magic for finding lost things is an excellent skill!

    Love, C

  9. I'm not surprised to hear you attract magic, T. Clear!

    When you get the chance, please can you send Mary McCallum your email address for our Tuesday Poem mailing list? Hers is

    Thanks! Looking forward to this week's poem(s). L, C x

  10. Curiouser and curiouser....

    and dear Claire - I have T. Clear's email address, just forgot to add it to the list... it's on there now...