Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I received this from Paul for Christmas -- it's a first edition. He ran across it in a small bookstore in Camden, Maine last summer while visiting his father. And to make a great gift even better, it contained a card dated August 15th, 1960. I love these details of a book's history. If you're a poetry buff, be sure to read the card. If you're a Roethke fan (like me), all the better. A new blogger friend Claire in NZ posted a Roethke poem today, so Claire, this is for you:


  1. spectacular t we think by feeling what is there to know thanks for making my day! shel

  2. Thanks, T, I'll try to find some of his work. The book is a treasure, I'd say.

  3. What an amazing find--and such a thoughtful gift, Paul!

  4. Looks like a good association copy, as bookdealers say

  5. HI T. Clear - I've been a bit inundated by work and things this past week and am only now catching up on my blog reading... What a treat to find this post from you; thank you so much! The Roethke book is a treasure that says so much about you and Paul. How thoughtful his gift to you. And then to find the loving notes between its pages, with its references to the Roethke nursery, love, TR's English-teaching sister... wow.

    Roethke's books are always on my bedside table -- esp. "Straw for the Fire" and a 1965 cloth-covered copy of "On the Poet and his Craft."

    Thank you again for this post and the link to my site.