Sunday, April 11, 2010

In my woods walk this afternoon I think I found, in an old mill pond, some frogs' eggs, which will most likely be eaten by ducks but nonetheless, it made me profoundly happy. I used to gather a slithery coffee-can-full of them every spring as a child, and would hatch them in large jars on my bedroom windowsill. I fed them boiled romaine lettuce. (Don't know where I got this information, but they ate it and thrived.) When they grew legs and their translucent fins faded, I built them a home in an old wheelbarrow: mosses and rocks and mud and water. And when they became springy enough, they leapt free and inhabited the woods, their songs entuning the dusk.

I also saw, today, an impossibly tiny rabbit, palm-of-my-hand size.

The woods are glowing with a nearly-neon chartreuse green. The thimbleberries are in bloom,

as are the trilliums --

and the brazen skunk cabbages:


  1. Hey, the ducks will be happy, too! So what if they commit ranicide.

  2. Here, the grass snakes have already been seen gorging themselves on tadpoles and newts. We have a few baby frogs in our pond.... but you know what the French are like!

    Bisou, Cro.

  3. So brilliant!

    Almost like what it's like living in a Southern swamp. At least, when the sun shines on it.

    Love, C.

  4. I used to collect tadpoles too but apparently you're not allowed to do that today. Lovely pics.