Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a small small small small world....

Next week P. and I are meeting for the first time a blogger from Ohio, Kimy, of Lakewood Daily Snap, and yesterday P. received this e'mail from her:

hey paul! looking forward to meeting you and premium t next week..... i realize that another blogging bud lives in the area and you guys may even be friends and was wondering if it would be cool to extend an invite to her (and partner if she desires) to dinner with us.... the more the merrier peut etre???? the blogger I'm talking about is 'robin b' of red apple elegy. don't know how she feels about meeting 'stranger' friends....but it does seem like we all are kindred spirits.

P. forwarded this e'mail to me, and upon reading it, burst out laughing -- this 'stranger' friend is in fact one of my closest friends. I've known 'robinb', her husband and their family for many years. In fact, my son Nelson is named after her late father-in-law. I spent time in Italy with them a few winters back, and last summer, they joined us for a week at the Ireland house. I don't know how Kimy and Robin hooked up, but a few years ago Kimy found Paul through a friend of one of Paul's brothers.....convoluted, roundabout, and yet we end up at the same place: home.

This is perhaps one of my favorite things about blogging: the community, which sends tentacles out all over the planet. Soon these growing tendrils of interest and curiosity begin to overlap each other, hook on to one another, resulting in a rich and ever-expanding human community.
Makes me darn happy!


  1. Are you, by any chance, my long lost cousin?

    Bisou, Cousin Cro (?).

  2. Six degrees seems to be an overstatement with the advent of the Internet!