Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Been thinkin' about some new restaurant concepts
the past few days -- 
Reality Dining: for the Active Pursuit of Food!

Here are a few notions:

1)  Forage
This exciting new venue is situated
in a several-acre greenhouse/warehouse, where, upon paying
an entrance fee, you can then indeed "forage" for your meal.
Discover chanterelles in the Hidden Mushroom Glade, pluck 
thimbleberries  in the Organic Berry Patch,  gather apples 
in the Vintage Orchard.
What could be better? Or fresher?

2) Lasso
Perfect for carnivores, this ranch-themed
eatery allows you to rope your own heifer! 
Wrassle that porcine to the mud!  
Pluck your own fowl! 
All free-range (that includes you), 
all-sodium-free, all the time.

3) Cannabis + Carnivore
Taking part in the "Live Food" Movement,
you'll begin your culinary adventure with hors d'oeuvres
in the Cannabis Lounge, where you'll be encouraged
to breath deeply. Then move on to Carnivore,
where we believe deeply in consuming only live food,
where no plants or animals were killed to feed you dinner!
Allow yourself to graze the grassy knoll, munching
on greens, before you snag yourself a mouthful of
passing antelope, elk, deer or moose. Little bites only!
No weapons allowed save for your very own canines!

Just a thought.


  1. what about the location of 5247 south B. Street. I don't know about ropeing your own heifer here but the greens and ambiance is here.??
    keep posting. I love your blog!!

  2. "breathe deeply"

    Indeed. Mama always said you should consume your greens...