Friday, September 12, 2008

The Corson Building

Ahhh.....we had dinner last night in Paradise.
Er, well, in Georgetown. With planes roaring overhead,
nestled between two sets of railroad tracks, a view of a
soccer field out the kitchen windows and within spitting
distance of the ever-gritty Airport Way:
at The Corson Building, an offbeat, two-story
tile-roofed "house" built by an Italian stonemason
in 1906, which now houses Seattle's newest haven
for foodies. (It sits nearly under the Michigan Street
offramp, also.)

When I heard, almost a year ago, that Matt Dillon,
of Sitka & Spruce, and partner Wylie Bush were launching
this endeavor less than a block away from the former
love-of-my-life, Two Tartes (I mean, non-human love....),
I was skeptical. Especially when it would mean gutting the
existing structure and pushing out the back for a new kitchen.
(And I think this is a leased property, but I'm not sure.)
Would people shed dusty jeans and Carhartt jackets
for an evening of $ prix fixe dining? In Georgetown?!!
Well, the answer I got last night was a resounding Yes! --as we
sat down with 3o-or-so other guests at three large communal
tables. We had already enjoyed white wine/huckleberry-
infused aperitif and a watermelon & tuna amuse bouche
in the oasis-like garden, where caged doves and chickens
cooed and pecked beneath a laden Italian prune tree.
Inside, Paul and I scooted down a lengthy bench elbow-to-elbow
as dishes of pickled, spiced cherries and currants were passed.
Too tart! --but strikingly beautiful, they certainly woke up our palates.
What followed were seven additional courses served family style,
save for two plated entrees:
--tahini flatbread with yogurt
--roasted eggplant, peppers and onions with Interlaken-grape raisins
--two salads: dilled green beans & diced beets with crispy fried garbanzos
tossed with an assortment of nuts and seeds and coriander
--breaded squid and artichoke hearts (YUM!!)
--mackerel and heirloom tomatoes on sauteed raddichio
(I refuse to say "on a bed of....")
--black cod sauteed with chanterelles and fresh corn
--whole, butter-infused roasted chicken and quartered plums
--herbed toasts and flageolets
--honey-roasted nectarine slices with crisp pastry squares
and creme Anglaise.....

PLUS wine pairings. Are you full yet?
The wine (that I'm able to remember):
Pinot Blanc
Pinot Noir

Oh my.
I kept asking myself Where am I?
The only drawback is the din. It's a cavernous space
with lots of brick and concrete, and although Matt Dillon
apologized at the beginning of the meal for their unfortunate
ability to find suitably-aesthetic sound-absorption, I observed
a lot of blank wall-space clamoring (literally) for tapestries.
For the price one pays for dinner here, one should be able
to carry on a conversation comfortably.

And The Corson Building is not for the timid:
there is no menu.
You sit.
You eat.
You are happy.
Trust me.


  1. Hi T!
    I finally found you after talking to Robin. I thought I was looking for imperial-t. What a coincidence to find ourselves at the Corson Building on the exact same night. I loved the dinner as much as you did, and had a great time talking (yelling) to the people at my table. There was a blogger with a different take on the night:
    She got a few things very wrong (no trout, for instance.) and I thought she was pretty mean.
    It was great to see you again.

  2. mk -- it was a complete treat to run into you! Let's run into each other again soon! xo--T.