Monday, September 29, 2008

When did a muffin become a cupcake sans icing?
In 6th grade home-ec, Mrs. Lenci taught us the strict rules
of muffin-mixing: use a fork (and only a fork)
and stir exactly 46 times. (Or was it 43?!)
OMG, I can't remember! Anyway, a muffin is considered
a quick bread, while a cupcake is to be taken
much more seriously. A cupcake is cake.
And a cake is a serious thing. For example, a cake
by nature contains at least twice as much butter and sugar
as a muffin. It's dessert. It comes after the meal,
after the muffin, if you will. A muffin is an accompaniment.
I mean, I'm all for eating cake at and with every meal, but
let's be sensible. Coffee shops and delis these days are virtually 
overflowing with both uniced cupcakes (muffins) and those
with a week's-load of fat calories heaped on top. Adding the
word "carrot" to the muffin name seemingly adds to its
health value. Come on! It's just carrot cake that someone
forgot to frost! I propose a return to the Mrs. Lenci-type-
43 (or is it 46?) stroke muffin. Less sugar,
less fat. And please, please, use a fork.