Sunday, September 7, 2008

Huff and Puff

Paul and I actively trudged up the trail to Rattlesnake Ledge
this afternoon: two miles up, two miles down, two hours total.
Busy trail of many languages! (Chinese, Hindi, possibly Arabic,
an Eastern European language and English.) Because the ascent
is all on the eastern slope there is little afternoon sun in the
shady forest, and massive boulders as well as low-slung branches
are festooned in moss, draped in ferns. Lush!
Upon reaching the top we discovered, rather than a ledge,
more a huge stone knob, upon which entire families lolled,
taking in the sweeping view north and east. A brisk breeze
quickly took care of residual sweat, and I filmed a 30-second


  1. Awesome!

    We love to hike together, Kman and I.

    When I turned 50 we hiked to the top of the Lost Mine trail in Big Bend National Park. Two and a half hours up, but only about an hour down.

    Fat folk roll down hill quickly *grin*

  2. CP -- Welcome to Premium T.!
    Yep, it's a lot quicker goin' down. Sigh.