Saturday, September 20, 2008

Laid-over for 5 hours at JFK where there is no AC
and the stench of vomit hovers. Free wif-fi, though.
Can't complaint about that. I'm sitting in the
International Food Hall which is aglow in neon
and overuse. We are all transients.

This airport could use a park. 
Some cool breezes.
A mountain or two. 
And an ocean.

Next time I pass through here I'm going to bring
my own sod and a bench and trees. And a breeze.
Can't forget the breeze. 

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  1. Guy and I passed thru JFK on Sept 19 and Sept 22 upon return -- attending my niece's wedding, who actually lives in NYC, in Brooklyn, just across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    I have to say that, although it was old and not "modern pure"-- it seemed to be run better than SEATAC. For example -- there were several terminals, and several security lines -- at SEATAC EVERYBODY goes thru the same security line, no matter what airline, and at the early morning busy time it has taken me up to 45 minutes to get thru, which is seldom planned for. At JFK -- even at busy times -- it takes at the most 10-15 minutes. (I guess, given my Germanic background, efficiency -- in this case -- is more important than beauty....) And the fancy, "nice" airports, like Houston -- do NOT have free Wifi.

    OK -- yeah, it's old -- but I LIKE old. Speaking of old -- have you been on the subways???? My, oh my....