Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jack the Dripper

We spent a crowded morning at MOMA, which seemed
to be everyone else's bright idea also on how to spend
a rainy Saturday morning. The highlight for me was
the Jackson Pollack gallery -- which completely surprised me.
I believe that Pollack is one of those artists whose work 
you have to see in person to completely take in. 
Once faced head-on with those massive canvases 
and the frenzy of colors and paint, I felt like I got him. 
And it was nearly heartbreaking -- an alcoholic, Pollack 
died in an alcohol-related crash in 1956 when he was merely 44. 
Eschewing traditional painting tools & techniques, 
he used house paint, hardened brushes, sticks, syringes, 
indeed he used his entire body to paint. I can only imagine
what he carried in his head day-in and day-out that would
compel him to such epic expression.


Last night we saw South Pacific at the Lincoln Center:
talk about wonderful! These were the songs that my sisters
and I sang and played on the piano throughout our childhood.
A fantastic production! (I'm sure you'll be hearing more about
this from Citizen K.)

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