Monday, September 1, 2008

P. made me go to the gym this morning even though
we consumed lots of inebriating beverages last night
at our friend Kylie's house. I was the Grumpy Sit-Up Queen.
And the Grumpy Weight-Lifting Queen. Waaaah.

This is funny: last night at dinner, P. went out to the car
to get his sweatshirt. When he headed back to the house,
he accidentally went in the wrong house. (Next door.)
He said, "there was a white dog, and Kylie has a white dog.
There was a teenager sitting on the couch, which seemed
a little odd. I didn't remember a teenager at Kylie's.
I walked all the way through the house to the backyard,
and there were strange people sitting outside having dinner!"
Ha ha.
That wacky Paul.

I have jury duty this week! All the way out in f***ing Kent!
At 8am! And I receive $10 per day! The same as last time
I served on a jury, twenty years ago! Hee haw!
And I've been provided with a bus pass!
If I leave my house at 4:32am I just might get to Kent
by the crack of eight!
No thanks! I'll blow my Big Pay on gas and drive myself!

1 comment:

  1. I remember once when Mike B. did
    something just like that when Candy lived in Wallingford. Her next door neighbor was scary and had mean dogs!
    He made it out and no one saw him.