Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Great Art Party.... should've been there. Floating Bridge Press,
which began in Peter Pereira's basement in 1994
when a group of us goofy poets decided we wanted
to do more than just poeticize, last night staged
the 2nd Great Art Party. Or, I should say, the inimitable
Jeff Crandall staged it, as the major force behind his
endowment drive in an attempt to free FBP from the
never-ending grant-application process. (I might add
that FBP has been in the black for the duration of its

But here the best part: it's not an auction.
And it's fun.
You pay your $100 (or $300 for access to high-end
art) and you get to take home a piece of art. Period.
No drunken out-of-control bidding where at the end
of the evening you find yourself the owner of a very
expensive gadget. Instead, when your number is called,
you get to choose your piece. And the selection is fantastic!
There is a no-host bar, complimentary munchies,
and great entertainment: the evening opened with a
selection of arias sung by soprano Lucia Neare, accompanied
by pianist Matt Goodrich. The emcee is hilarious and keeps
the action rolling at a fierce clip.

This year we didn't stay for the entire event, as we just
purchased guest tickets ($25): we don't need any more art.
(Paul donated three pieces from his collection.)
Next year, faithful readers, I'm going to hit all of you up
for tickets. Well, that is, if you live within 100 miles
of the South Lake Union Armory Building in Seattle.
See you then! (If not sooner.)

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