Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ahhhhh....homemade cheese, many martinis,
German chocolate pie and a hilarity of charades.
(As in the game, with participation required
or no pie for you, buddy.) I love the game
of charades and it's a rare evening when
adults are willing, and somehow my exhortations
(and pie-withholding threats) were successful.
We all wrote down the name of a movie, book
or song. The demon was in me, and I wrote
"The Dictionary" on my scrap of paper
and put it in the hat. son
happened to pluck that one when his turn came,
and he (somewhat discreetly) proceeded to act out
the first syllable of "dictionary."
Well. Ahem.
I've been coughing and hacking this past week,
and a good laugh sends me into spasms
of coughing/snorting/wheezing/shrieking.
And so when Nelson began his Dictionary Charade
I did all of the above, with plentiful tears
descending my cheeks.
There is nothing like a good rollicking laugh.
(Well, perhaps pie.)


  1. Hi T;
    One of my favorite parlor games is to have everyone draw the outline of U.S.A. (that's hard enough!) and then put all the states inside it.....ha, ha. It's harder than you think and hilarious!

  2. What a good time!!! Thanks to both gracious hosts (and to the genius son who thought to prepare the pickled watermelon rind and whatever-the-heck wonderful thing he did with that cabbage, and to the other (devious) genius son who prepared me the worlds largest martini (cog in mom's charade intentions?)). It was cozy and fun and delicious. Thank you!