Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've been messing around with more still life photos.
(Still lifes? Lives?!) On one hand, it seems very cliche,
but on the other hand, it brings me a lot of pleasure,
and that is worth something. I wonder what the painter
Cezanne would have done with iPhoto, or Photoshop.
I just read an essay which talks about how his work
redefined how the viewer looked (looks) at art; essentially
he tapped into how the brain processes imagery --
a first for an artist.

Our internet is out for "36-72 hours", so we're camped down
at Tully's for an hour or so to get our daily fix. What an
addiction! (I'm not talking about coffee.)

One of the nice things about being "older" is that I don't
feel such a compulsion to get out and do things when the
weather is stellar, as it is today. It's enough to poke
around the yard, to study leaves, watch the Stellar's jays
hop through the underbrush of the hedge. (Stellar and Stellar's!)
No need to hop on a bike and charge up hills, or to scale
Tiger Mountain. (Not that I've done either recently.)


  1. I considered hopping on my bike, and then I reconsidered. But I did poke around in the yard a little.

    I like the still life you've posted here.

  2. Those are some stellar fruits!

    BTW--You are correct the time change is next week. My clock didn't realize that the government intervened.

    I corrected it for clarity.

  3. Cezanne purposefully painted his art (in many of his paintings but not all) from looking straight ahead, looking down and looking up, all in the same painting! It's fun to view his paintings in this way to see if you notice when he did this.