Thursday, October 2, 2008


S.P. said Nuke-you-ler at least a dozen times
in tonight's debate. And what's with the winking?
I'm offended. It's time someone wrote a musical-parody
about her.


  1. I had a painting class in my studio last night to watch (paint) the debates and we all heard her "nuculer" wording, as well. Seems like anyone who can't say "nuclear" and GW Bush is a good example, should NOT be in office for any reason.
    And the winking.....I thought people only did that when they were kidding. Was she kidding? Of course she was...the whole thing is a joke, isn't it???

  2. oh and yes, T, please link me and thank you for the compliment! I am honored!

  3. Here is a musical-parody about her:

    It leaves me with the willies!

  4. Yeah, the nucular popped out right away. The first time she winked, I thought, okay, she's trying to appeal to the American People. But then she did it again and again! Kind of tarty--and not in a good apple pie way.