Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"And yes, it's real food."

I heard from Reilly in Germany this morning -- yay!
(Ever the mother hen, who frets and fusses when a chick
is far from the nest. And my boys will ALWAYS be chicks
no matter what their age, no matter how far they roam.)
His photo (above) is from the International Culinary Olympics
in Erfurt. His very brief e'mail just happened to mention
that he has consumed his fair share of German beer --
O the glories of youth! Nonetheless, this mother's heart
is lit up with joy on this dark, wet, October morning.


  1. It looks like jewelry! Funky, shiny glass lamp work beads waiting to be strung, and chunky glued brooches.

    Of course, I'm writing this at 6:30 a.m. and cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, view this lovely stuff as breakfast food! With or without a good German beer.

  2. Nita, I like to think of it more as art than food. I like the glass jewelry comparison!

  3. I wonder if Reilly is enjoying the strange German meat salad on toast for breakfast.

  4. MK -- would that be considered real food?!