Thursday, October 23, 2008

photo manipulation, sunglasses & one joy of commuting

I've been spending way too much time the past week messing around
with photoshop (thanks, Melinda!), but there are limits to what this
non-techie can figure out, so last night Nelson came over and showed
me how to do a bunch of new stuff, and he doesn't even have photoshop.
Go figure. I still feel like I'm just scratching the surface, though it is a blast.

One of my greatest pleasures each day is my drive home to Redmond
from Seattle, over the Lacy V. Murrow Floating Bridge. In any weather,
when one emerges from the tunnel onto the two-mile stretch of highway
buoyed by massive pontoons, the lake spreads out on either side,
sometimes roiling, sometimes glassy, sometimes kicked up into
whitecaps, spurting spray. In the distance, the Cascades loom,
everpresent, often brooding in rain-leaden clouds. After the time
shifts this weekend, I'll soon enjoy the reflection of the setting sun
on their varied peaks. Traversing the bridge only takes about two
minutes, and then traffic descends once more into tunneled darkness.
I consider myself lucky if there's a backup, doubly lucky
if traffic is stopped. Which is where I'll leave you --
smack center of the (aka) Mercer Island Floating Bridge, 5:15pm,
middle of October, the setting sun illuminating clouds on the mountains,
a breeze disturbing the steel-blue surface of Lake Washington.
Look around, inhale, enjoy!

(The preceding Zen moment has been brought to you by T. Clear.)
(Hello, I'm T. Clear and I approve of this blog.)

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