Monday, January 12, 2009

I laid on the couch last night
and ate chocolate truffles:
my remedy for January.


  1. T! Punctuation is one thing, but you either "lay on the couch" [past tense] or "laid the truffles on the couch". Tsk. BTW nice to see you guys the other night!

  2. Blogalot: Lay, laid and layed are a confusion of transitives/intransitives. Next time I'll just call you and get "advice"!

    FYI, last night I laid myself down on the couch and did not eat truffles. (Also, just so you know, I've never been lei'd in Hawaii.)

  3. There's so much more of this winter ahead, so much more than what is behind us. I shudder. As I expected, this is one of the bad ones. Could have done without a bad one this year. But I can do without bad winters all years.

    Love, C.

  4. Post by proxy,

    Dear Foxessa, I had a large fox run across my path, almost across my toes, this winter while I was keeping an eye on the salmon at Carkeek Park. It was, in fact, an mystical experience, and had me holding my breath for at least three minutes in sheer wonder. I think it was a sign of a fascinating if not cold, winter.


  5. Foxessa: I really shouldn't complain, except for the everpresent rain/fog/mizzle. Today "they" foretold of sun, which did not appear. But this darkness is like a heavy boot at the back of the neck, pressing down into the sinews of the spine.

  6. Dear RKL -- Ooooh, very good! Foxes are wolves that bring flowers.

    Premium T -- It was 17 when we got up and the highest it got today was 20. Friday our high is expected to be 13. It far worse in the midwest though, than here on this small Manhattan, surrounded by rivers and sea.

    Love, c.