Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Lady of January

Loves a glass of cheap red wine
at the end of a day, loves a wool shawl
about the shoulders -- Italian paisley --
loves a sugar plum grape tomato Certified Organic
imported from Mexico. Loves some Zydeco.
Loves dinner out, but is willing to cook:
soup, touch-of-grace biscuits,
apple pie 50% Goldens 50% Granny Smith's.
Would love to know who in the hell is Granny Smith.
And why her name is on half of the apples
she peels for pie. Loves eating the pie.
Loves the silence that accompanies good pie
as well as the accompaniment to good pie:
fork-clink, porcelain-clink.

Our Lady of January acknowledges
that is isn't All About Food
but in the Universe of Winter & Perpetual Grey,
it should be all about food.
Our Lady of January states that if one is willing
to buy All Organic then said foods should by law
be calorie-free and not pleasure-free.
In the name of the father, and the son,
and the holy ghost (she regrets the conversion,
in the ecclesiastical vocabulary,
of ghost to spirit),


  1. When you talk about cooking, I always picture you in your kitchen. Nice image to have. This one, and your Brandon St. one. C

  2. Ohhhhh, I adore your writing! Wonderful! Just absolutely wonderful!!