Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday. I avoided, again, getting manuscripts ready
to send out. Made copies, etc., and then just stopped.
Anything else to do? Why, yes!
What is it with me?
Indulgent avoidance.
(Actually, I have a bunch of stuff out in the mail
but could have more.)

A sunset tonight, driving east towards water
and mountains: no fog, no rain, no clouds.
A sharp-intake-of-breath sunset, out of context
in this omnipresent gloom-o-rama.

There were cookie cutters on sale at Sur La Table
for 56¢ and I couldn't resist purchasing M A X.
Even though Max is thirteen and will most likely
think they're particularly uncool.

1 comment:

  1. Max will not even think these are Unkool. 56 cents for a cookie cutter?????????? what year does that date us???? I am still using my Mom's 70's years later:))