Sunday, January 18, 2009

In the afternoon's glorious sun, I decided to go explore
Marymoor Park, which is about a mile from my house.
Other than the sports fields and the velodrome, it seemed
relatively deserted, so I parked and took off away from all
the people -- or so I thought. A map showed a trail
skirting the Sammamish Slough, so I headed in that
direction, anticipating a nice stroll beside the flood-swollen
river. As I wound my way past windfallen fir branches
from recent storms and and the winter-abandoned
grounds of Clise Mansion (where the expanse of lawn
in front of the building was pocked with hundreds of
mole hills), I began to see rooftops of cars in the distance.
Ah. Another parking lot. The closer I got, the more people
I could see -- and -- dogs -- hundreds and hundreds of dogs.
A veritable Go Dog Go of breeds and mutts!
A United Nations of Dog. A fur frenzy!
I do like dogs, but I was so unprepared for this canine circus:
dogs running and dogs jumping and dogs chasing and
dogs swimming and dogs sniffing and dogs humping and
dogs fighting and dogs rolling and dogs panting and
a dog in a handbag and a dog in a wagon with a pink blanket
and dogs with bow ties and dogs with ribbons
and dogs that looked like their owners
and people without dogs who looked like dogs
and yelping and barking and splashing and mud,
everywhere mud.
A dog named Barkley, a dog named Gus,
a dog named Tucker, a dog named George.
Holy shit!


  1. honey, that is dog mecca you're talkin about. paradise. eden, the taj mahal. a dog must worship and pray also, you know. marymoor is the dog center of the universe that makes coming to visit you a special treat for lucy.
    didn't understand if that experience is something you'd like to repeat, but if you do, holler. cz

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  3. cz --perhaps some Friday? The Sunday energy was just a bit manic! xo

    ima: LOL

  4. You should get a dog! You sure have been talking about them a lot latley! I think it's a sign that you stumbled into a dog park!

    Robin and Piper xxoo

    BTW which one is hugs and which is kisses?

  5. Robin, yes I like dogs, but no I'm not getting one. What does "latley" mean?


    (I made that last one up.)

  6. I haven't a clue. That was Piper. And watch your language, young lady--holy shit!