Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodnight Crow

I drove home each night from work now at dusk,
and my route passes under two separate crow
flight paths, as the corvids return from their daily
forays into the world and come back to their nightly
roosts. Tonight Paul was driving me home, so I could
gawk to my heart's content -- one long line of crows
stretched above Lake Washington as far as I could see
in a north-to-south haphazard line. I'm guessing they roost
somewhere in Renton, as I've observed their path from the
opposite direction numerous times. The other roostage
I drive directly through, at the intersection of I-90 and I-405,
thousands of crows in treetops, settling for sleep.
Recently I discovered that if I sit on the living room
sofa at dusk and look out the triangular-shaped window
on the south wall of the house, crows pass over my house
one after another after another: I live under a flight path.
This is a delight, because as the days allow a bit more light
to eke in, minute by minute, it won't be long until my evening
commute is once again in full sun (or full cloud, as it may be),
and I'll be hours early for the daily crow commute. Instead,
I can grab that glass of Nero d'Avola, settle into some
immensely cozy cushions, and watch it all from the comfort
of chez moi.


  1. Eberle & I also love watching crows-- we have a lot out this way; ravens, too, in the higher country around McCall. My favorite place to watch them, tho, I think is the high desert of SE Oregon between Jordan Valley & McDermitt, NV.

    Thanks for the nice post.

  2. Oh, I'm an instant fan! Crows! How I love them! Lucky you to see so many each day as you commute. And to what destination do the crows fly? I just know they have jobs too.

    And The Wizard of Oz, cats, and stray cats? I like you more and more...

    I laughed about the cats seeking jobs. Four of mine are fully employed (self-employed, that is) the other five lie about and collect dust.

    I'm loving the internet these days...

  3. John, thanks for reading!

    Patrice -- welcome, and please stop by any time! (I'm loving the internet too.)

  4. Very wild is to drive the Lake Washington Boulevard ramp on the west side of 520 at dusk--through clouds of crows. You can see them from the bridge, but if you exit, you're driving through their flight home.

  5. Joannie -- Yes! I've seen them there also. Pretty amazing. I want to climb one of their trees and sit among them.

  6. Tuesday was definitely a crow day. Like a scene from The Birds.

  7. Robin, The Birds is one of my favorite movies.

  8. Oh, Mine too. I love The Birds.

    Hitchcock really understood understatement.