Saturday, February 28, 2009

I realize that this is meaningless to many, and that
there are those for whom it has meaning but will be
unimpressed (yes, Robin, that's you --ha!), but I just
did the Saturday crossword puzzle with nearly no help
from His Royal Highness the Puzzlemaster Paul.
And I did the Thursday puzzle entirely on my own!
Hee haw! It's a lonnnnngggg process, this retraining
of the brain to be able to think like a puzzle solver.
I began four years ago when I was completely in a fog
and the Language of Crosswords was completely alien,
at least in my shrinking brain. It's now my own little
daily addiction. On newsprint. From the soon-to-be
defunct Seattle Post Intelligencer. (Boooo hooooo.)
I think I should stage a funeral for the PI: speeches,
blessings, interment for the printed corpse, incense,
head-bowing, tears, lots of food, whiskey, vodka, etc.
Care to attend?


  1. Hey, T.

    I will really miss the P.I. also -- but my particular weakness is Sudoku. Just like the crossword puzzle -- it is easy on Monday, hard on Sunday.

    BUT -- I also think the P.I. has provided a good array of coverage and articles, from features to Arts to Letters to the Editor. In general, I have liked their reporters and reporting. I rather doubt anybody will buy it, though, so -- LET'S RAISE A TOAST TO THE SEATTLE P.I.!! RIP, P.I.!

  2. I still think you should have adopted the pomeranian!

  3. PS Am too impressed! Keep up the good work!

  4. I'll play a bad funeral dirge on the piana and if no piana on kazoo or saran wrap and comb - and of course wear black and a veil of course i can't take off my new nikes withtheir shocks so go there! sa anonymous

  5. Ribub, I mean Robin! Re: the dog -- you are crazy,gil! I mean girl! I'm typing impaired this morning. Arg.

  6. Seen Wordplay, the movie? Will Shortz has got a story...(tangential, i know)

  7. Yes, I've seen Wordplay....crazy, obsessional, very bright people!