Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm making gnocchi (nee-oh-kee) for a dinner party
chez-moi tonight. (A dinner party that began at four people
and now has grown to nine! The more the merrier.)

So: gnocchi question:
1. Russet potatoes, yukon golds or plain-old-white?
2. Bake, boil or steam?
3. Egg or no egg?
4. Press against tines of fork or just snip into segments?

My cookbook collection plus recipes on-line plus
videos on-line have presented me with too many choices.
I'd prefer to rustle up someone's Italian grandmother
for one-on-one instructions but this seems unlikely.
I suppose if I had planned better, I could've ordered one
(an Italian grandmother) on ebay, but, well, I didn't
so I'm on my own here, folks.
I'm hoping for tenderness and puffy pillows
instead of sodden lumpy potato globs.

My guests are not aware of this yet, but after dinner
we're all going to dance the Gnocchi-Pokey.
Hey. It's a party.


  1. Ah, gnocchi. They're something of a culinary grail for me. I think you have to boil them. But as for potatoes, I'm thinking russets might be the lightest. Definitely tines of a fork (gets you further from the glob potential).

    Please let me know how it goes.

    And have a fabulous time dining (and dancing) tonight.

  2. Joannie -- the bake/boil/steam was for the first cooking of the potatoes -- every recipe said something different with a justification for why they were right. I ended up with russets, boiled, and now I have two sheets of lovely little plump dumplings ready for their final boil. The trick, I discovered, is in the kneading = very little. Kind of like making a really good biscuit. If you can do that, you can do gnocchi. I really need a ricer, though! I did a practice run where I boiled five gnocchi and the were, if I may say so, magnificent! Tongue pillows.

  3. yum. i use russets, boiled, 1 egg, rice the taters, barely touch, yep, just like biscuts. dump the flour on the counter, make a well and barely touch as you mix.

    i like them fried after i boil them.

    double yum. lots of work but worth it.

  4. Put your right fork up
    Put your right fork down
    Put your right spoon in and mix it all around.....

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  6. Ima: Ha! Ha! Ha!

    No one wanted to dance. :(

    RK: Fried! OMG!

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  8. Actually, sautéed in butter so they're just a wee bit brown. Sprinkle with sea salt. Plop down in front of the telly.

  9. I'm gettin' fat just reading this!
    and hungry, too........