Friday, July 11, 2008

Another camera death, this time involving water.
(And I will not mention exactly what kind of water.)
What sadness doth befall us!
And the thinga-ma-joob with which I transfer my photos
to my camera was left tangled in the sheets in Donegal,
in this house:

Four hours away. And Westport is not exactly tech-city.

We attended a book launch last night for Sean Lysaght,
a Westport poet whose most recent publication is translations
of epigrams by Goethe, at Sea Sand Shore Gallery.
We were cosily crowded into the lovely space, surrounded by the
quirky paintings of James Lawlor. I met Sean online after
finding his books at Seamus Duffy Books in Westport.
Hoping to make more connections in the writing community here.


  1. It was the too-ra-loo-ra-loo.

  2. Someone whose name I will not mention mysteriously and unknowingly dropped it in a public you-know-what. A little boy fished it out and carried it up to the cafe counter at, of all places, Yeats gravesite! We just happened to be sitting at a table nearby and I witnessed his holding out this object in a soft black case saying, "I found this in the --"
    Drippy, icky. Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph.